Cloud Based Clinic Lab Test System

The HealthCert Lab Test System manages the testing process and allows Notre Dame Medico Dental Clinics, Inc. to produce employment cetificates for land and sea based OFWs. With the cloud based system and our managed services, Notre Dame Medico Dental Clinics, Inc., can concentrate on their business and leave IT requirements to us. The system was written using GWT/GAE using Google Datastore.  



The Problem

Notredame's old system was a Client/Server based system written by a Freelancer. When the Freelancer left to work in another country, Notredame was left with no support and no source code! The client/server based system also needed an on premise server and a full time administrator. 

The Solution

The system was re-written by Systema and new features were added. Instead of running on an on-premise server, the system is run on the Google Cloud. All that Notredame needs is a decent DSL connection and a browser to use the system in the Clinic. Notredame also subscribed to Systema's support services and now Notredame does not need their own Administrator. They rely on Systema to keep their system up and running.


Google AppEngine (GAE), Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Google Cloud Hosting, Java

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