SYSTEMA is an offshore outsourcing developer of enterprise level web and mobile applications that run on your on premise server, the cloud or on your mobile device. The SYSTEMA solution combines technology developed for outsourcing, a mature process and the cost effectiveness of Philippine labor to ensure high quality at a low cost.
Since 1994, SYSTEMA has established a proven track record in developing solutions that work for large multinational companies in various industries. SYSTEMA supports Open Source Software (OSS) and is a heavy user of these technologies in the systems it develops and for its internal business systems. You can benefit from this experience in our Open Source Business Application implementation and hosting service.


Name: Systema Computer Solutions Corp.
Funding: Privately Owned
Expertise: Custom Application Development for Web and Mobile Solutions
Established: 1994
Location: Unit 3 UP-Ayala Technopark, Diliman, Quezon City Philippines 1101
Clients: Large Multinational Companies in the Philippines in various Industries, Philippine Government, Japanese IT companies outsourcing to the Philippines, USAID and European Commission
Engagement Models: We want to be as flexible as possible to match your needs perfectly
Body Leasing: We dedicate our talented developers to carry out or support your needs.
Fixed Price: For well defined projects with detailed specifications.
Your Model: Tell us your suggestions regarding engagements so we can consider them.

Intellectual Property Policy

SYSTEMA considers compliance with the Laws and International Agreements on Intellectual Property (IP) as a critical element in the company's long-term development strategy. We have  supported strong intellectual property protection and understand the vital importance of intellectual property to our customers' business development. Our policy addresses five primary areas, each of which is regularly validated by our internal and third-party audit program: Non-Disclosure Agreements, Project-related IP Protection, Confidential Document Control, Employee Confidentiality Contract and Employee Training and Education.

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