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Student Records Document Management System

In 2009, during Typhoon Ondoy which flooded a large area of Metro Manila, the JASMS Campus was flood in waist deep water. Their computer system which hosted their Student Records was saved but the same could not be said for their Student Record paper files. The steel filing cabinets that contained these files were flooded up to the second drawer.

It would take 3 years to dry them out. During that time the Registrar's Office operations were disrupted and student's could not get copies of their records.

The JASMS management was determined not to let this happen again.


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Unified Location Tracking System's start-up business will provide a unified location tracking system using digital 2-way radios, specialized gps devices and mobile smarthphones (Android and iOS). Systema was contracted as their technology partner to help them develop and implement their solution.


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