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Cloud P/O System Replaces On-Premise Apps


Our client who is a large Japanese manufacturing company based in Vietnam had a problem with their custom built P/O system that ran on their on-premise servers.


The Problem

  • Current on-premise P/O Management System written in PHP/MySQL had bugs
  • Unsatisfactory service/support from current developer
  • Lack of in-house technical skills to administer their on-premise system
  • Aging servers had to be replaced

The Solution

Replace the existing P/O system with a web based application running on a cloud host in Singapore and supported from the Philippines.


The Benefits

  • Cloud based system
  • No Hardware Purchases, Administered remotely, Pay only a monthly fee
  • No Migration Downtime
  • Tested on Snapshots of current MySQL DB
  • Easy definition by DreamFactory Remote DB connection
  • Rapid Development
  • JQuery Mobile Framework and DreamFactory provided rapid Working System
  • Experienced outsource developer with multi-lingual Bridge Engineers

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